Low-calorie Fast-food Breakfasts For Weight Loss

This breakfast sandwich features egg whites, Canadian bacon, and white cheddar on a whole-grain English muffin. 

1. Egg White Delight McMuffin

Subway's Veggie Delight Wrap is a lower-calorie choice. Load it up with veggies, add some egg whites, and choose whole-wheat tortillas for a satisfying and balanced breakfast.

2. Veggie Delight Wrap

Starbucks offers a spinach and feta wrap with egg whites, spinach, feta cheese, and tomatoes. It's a nutritious and low-calorie option to grab with your morning coffee.

3. Spinach and Feta Wrap

Chick-fil-A's grilled chicken breast, egg whites, and cheese on an English muffin make for a tasty, protein-rich breakfast.

4. Southwest Grilled Chicken 

While not a traditional breakfast choice, Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad can be a satisfying, lower-calorie option when you're looking for a change.

5. Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Panera Bread's Breakfast Power Sandwich consists of an egg, white cheddar, and ham on whole-grain bread.

6. Breakfast Power Sandwich 

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