Dietary Factors Associated With Impaired Weight Loss Progress

Fruit smoothies are frequently advertised as healthy options, but some contain excessive sugar, even when packed with essential nutrients. 

Fruit Smoothies

Opt for sugar-free smoothies to align with your weight loss goals.

Canned vegetables are generally acceptable, but some can be high in sodium. 

Canned Vegetables

Excessive sodium intake leads to water retention, which can slow your weight loss.

Coffee, per se, is not detrimental to weight loss, and its caffeine content can be beneficial. 


However, it's essential to consider what you add to your coffee. Sugar, creamer, and sugary coffee drinks can counteract your weight loss efforts.

Breakfast meats like bacon and sausage are protein-rich but are laden with sodium.

Breakfast Meat

Opt for low-sodium breakfast meats or opt for eggs as a protein source.

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