Best High-protein Foods For Weight Loss

Skinless chicken breast is a lean source of protein that's versatile and low in fat. It's a staple in many weight loss diets.

1. Chicken Breast

Turkey, especially lean ground turkey, is rich in protein and low in saturated fats. It can be used in various dishes for a protein boost.

2. Turkey

Fatty fish like salmon are not only high in protein but also provide healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can support weight loss and overall health.

3. Fish

Eggs are an excellent source of complete protein. They're also low in calories and can help you feel full when consumed as part of a meal.

4. Eggs

Greek yogurt is packed with protein and probiotics, which can assist in weight loss by promoting healthy digestion and reducing appetite.

5. Greek Yogurt

Tofu is a plant-based source of protein that is also low in calories. It's a great option for vegetarians and vegans.

6. Tofu

Lentils are a legume that provides both protein and fiber. They are a filling, nutrient-dense choice for weight loss.

7. Lentils

Quinoa is a whole grain that contains all nine essential amino acids. It's high in protein and fiber, making it a satisfying addition to your meals.

8. Quinoa

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