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Uncovering the Culinary Delights: The Best Burgers in Duluth

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Uncovering the Culinary Delights: The Best Burgers in Duluth

The Burger Revolution in Duluth

Duluth, Minnesota, is not just a city of scenic beauty and outdoor adventures; it’s also a place where culinary artistry thrives. In recent years, a gastronomic revolution has taken place, transforming the city into a food lover’s paradise. Among the wide array of delightful options, it’s the classic burger that has captured the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the best burgers in Duluth, where each bite is a testament to the city’s culinary evolution.

Uncovering the Culinary Delights: The Best Burgers in Duluth

The Classics Never Disappoint

1. Grandma’s Saloon & Grill: Where Tradition Meets Flavor

Established in 1976, Grandma’s Saloon & Grill is an icon in Duluth’s dining landscape. Walking into Grandma’s feels like stepping into a cherished family home, where the scent of sizzling burgers greets you with a warm embrace. The “Grandma’s Triple Bypass Burger” is a culinary masterpiece, conjuring nostalgic feelings and the comforting flavors of home. A succulent patty, bacon that’s crisped to perfection, a generous blanket of cheddar cheese, and all the classic toppings make this burger a beloved classic. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey back in time, a celebration of comfort food at its finest.

Uncovering the Culinary Delights: The Best Burgers in Duluth

2. Anchor Bar: A Seaside Classic in the Heart of Duluth

The Anchor Bar brings the taste of the coast to Duluth, creating an ambiance that’s reminiscent of a coastal retreat. The decor and atmosphere make you feel like you’re at the beach, and the “Anchor Burger” lives up to the maritime theme. Hand-pressed, juicy patty meets crispy lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and a tangy special sauce. It’s not just a burger; it’s an invitation to a coastal culinary adventure, delivering the freshest and most vibrant flavors.

Uncovering the Culinary Delights: The Best Burgers in Duluth

3. Fitger’s Brewhouse: Where Craft Beer Meets Culinary Excellence

Fitger’s Brewhouse is renowned for its craft beers, but what often goes overlooked is the sheer excellence of its burger creations. The “Fitger’s Burger” is a perfect example of how they seamlessly blend locally sourced beef with gourmet ingredients. This burger is more than a meal; it’s a symphony of flavors that harmonize perfectly with their craft beer offerings. The result is a dining experience that not only fills your stomach but also leaves your taste buds yearning for more.

Uncovering the Culinary Delights: The Best Burgers in Duluth

Gourmet Delights: Burgers with a Twist

4. The New Scenic Café: A Burger Above the Rest

The New Scenic Café isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a haven for gourmets. The serene ambiance and beautifully designed dishes create an extraordinary dining experience. When it comes to their burgers, they’ve taken the traditional concept and elevated it to new heights with the “Walleye Burger.” Forget the conventional beef patty; this burger features a tender walleye fillet, expertly perched on a house-made bun. It’s not just a meal; it’s an artistic masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of the typical burger. Each bite is a revelation, a culinary journey that explores uncharted territory.

Uncovering the Culinary Delights: The Best Burgers in Duluth

5. OMC Smokehouse: Where Smoke Meets Satisfaction

OMC Smokehouse is where the magic of smoky flavors takes center stage. Their “Smokehouse Burger” is a masterclass in combining the savory essence of smoked meats with the classic burger concept. Slow-smoked beef, lovingly coated in tangy barbecue sauce, and served with a side of coleslaw create a burger that’s not just a meal; it’s a culinary work of art. It’s for those who appreciate the nuance of smoking and grilling, and it’s a burger that stays with you long after the last bite.

6. Northern Waters Smokehaus: A Burger for the Adventurous Palate

Northern Waters Smokehaus is known for pushing the boundaries of flavor, and the “Cajun Finn Burger” exemplifies their spirit of culinary adventure. This burger stars a wild-caught Alaskan salmon patty seasoned with bold Cajun spices. It’s not just a burger; it’s an exciting journey for your taste buds. Each bite offers an unexpected combination of flavors, and it’s an experience that’s as thrilling as it is delicious.

The Vegan and Vegetarian Delights

7. Duluth Grill: Where Vegans and Vegetarians Rejoice

Duluth Grill is not just inclusive; it’s a place where vegans and vegetarians can rejoice. Their “Black Bean Burger” is a testament to the creativity and satisfaction of plant-based cuisine. The patty, crafted from black beans, wild rice, and a blend of spices, is a fusion of flavors that defy expectations. Topped with fresh vegetables and vegan mayo, it’s not just a meat-free option; it’s a celebration of how delectable vegan cuisine can be. It’s a burger that defies stereotypes and proves that plant-based food can be just as satisfying as its meaty counterparts.


Duluth’s culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, with the burger taking center stage as a masterpiece. These burgers aren’t just meals; they’re culinary stories and experiences that celebrate the art of gastronomy in every savory bite. Whether you seek the comforts of Grandma’s, the coastal escapades of Anchor Bar, the gourmet extravagance of Fitger’s, the innovative creations of New Scenic Café and OMC Smokehouse, or the adventurous journeys at Northern Waters Smokehaus, Duluth has it all. Traditional or avant-garde, meaty or plant-based, these are not just burgers; they are the embodiment of Duluth’s evolving culinary artistry. The next time you find yourself in this picturesque city by Lake Superior, embark on a burger adventure. These aren’t just meals; they are a testament to the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Duluth, and they invite you to savor every moment.

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