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The Best Ice Cream Flavor for Your Zodiac Signs

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The Best Ice Cream Flavor for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Garlic

It may sound strange, but if you’re an Aries, you might enjoy ice cream with a savoury twist. Some people might not think of trying garlic-flavoured ice cream, but it’s actually a popular treat at the Gilroy Garlic Festival near San Jose, California. According to expert Alexander, this unique flavour balances hot and cold, tangy and sweet. She also suggests that because Mars, which rules Aries, also rules garlic, you can make it at home by roasting the garlic for sweetness and adding vanilla, mango, lemon, or honey to the mix.

Taurus: Chocolate or Chocolate Chip

Taurus folks love decadence, and what’s more indulgent than rich, dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and fudge sauce? Taurus is governed by Venus, associated with chocolate. Venus also symbolizes love and relationships, so it’s no surprise we give chocolates on Valentine’s Day. You can even add dark chocolate chips or a swirl of peanut butter for extra indulgence. Treat yourself, Taurus, you deserve it.

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Gemini: Walnut or Butter Pecan

Nuts, especially walnuts high in omega-3 fatty acids, are considered “brain food” that can improve memory and thinking. Nutty ice cream is the best choice for mentally-oriented Geminis. Walnuts and pecans even look like the brain, and Mercury, which rules Gemini, governs the brain. Enjoy walnut-studded ice cream, Gemini!

Cancer: Stone Fruit-Flavored Ice Cream

Opt for ice cream flavours with stone fruits like peach, apricot, or cherry. Astrologers connect Cancer with milk, so any ice cream is a good choice. However, stone fruit flavours like peaches, cherries, and mangoes are especially fitting as their shape resembles a womb, and Cancer is linked to women and motherhood.

Leo: Citrus-Flavored Ice Cream

Think of bright and zesty flavours for outgoing Leos. On a hot August day when the sun is in Leo, lemon or orange ice cream can be very refreshing. The colours yellow and orange also remind us of the sun, which is Leo’s ruler. Creamsicle-flavored popsicles are fun and sweet, just like Leos!

Virgo: Green Tea

Green tea ice cream is perfect for health-conscious Virgos. It’s rich in polyphenols that protect against cancer and heart disease, and it also boosts brain function. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which governs the brain.

Libra: Strawberry

Strawberries are a favourite fruit of the goddess Venus, who also rules Libra. Libra symbolizes love and relationships, and the heart-shaped strawberry reflects this. Add fresh strawberries to your ice cream for a sweet treat, Libra!

Scorpio: Pomegranate

Scorpios deserve unique and bold ice cream flavours. Pomegranate, with its sweet-tart taste, is a great choice. In mythology, the goddess Persephone ate pomegranate seeds, leading her to spend time in the underworld. The underworld, pomegranates, and Scorpio are all ruled by Pluto. The dark red colour of pomegranate seeds is also associated with Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Peppermint

Mint is a great choice for Sagittarians known for their adventurous nature. In magic, peppermint is used to attract prosperity, and Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is linked to abundance. So, mint ice cream is a good fit!

Capricorn: Vanilla

Classic flavours work well for Capricorns, who appreciate tradition. Vanilla, the most popular ice cream flavour, is a good choice for this sign. You can even try ice cream made with goat’s milk, as the goat is the symbol of Capricorn.

Aquarius: Coffee

Aquarians are quick thinkers who enjoy the brain-boosting effects of caffeine. They like the stimulating jolt they get from coffee in any form, including ice cream. Sugar can help them loosen up, and these astrological rebels prefer not to be restrained.

Pisces: Candy

Cotton candy-flavoured ice cream, along with other options containing candy bits, can be great for Pisces. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, also rules sugar, so people born under this sign often enjoy ice cream with added candy pieces like peppermint, chocolate chips, caramel, or marshmallows, to satisfy their sweet tooth. A sprinkle of colourful toppings adds a final touch of sweetness.

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