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Best Sides To Serve With Fried Chicken

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Best Sides To Serve With Fried Chicken

Are you preparing fried chicken for dinner and pondering what to serve alongside it? Everyone enjoys succulent chicken that has been breaded and fried until crispy and crunchy. And it tastes even better when served with the proper accompaniments!

Before I got an air fryer and began making air fryer fried chicken, I rarely made fried chicken because frying chicken is messy. However, ever since I started making air fryer fried chicken, I have made it frequently!

And because I enjoy variety in my meals, I have experimented with a variety of chicken accompaniments. Some of them are classic, like boiled potatoes. Some of them are nutritious, like green beans. Some of them are not even marginally healthy, like fried hush puppies. But they are all delectable!

Check out this list of the best side dishes for fried chicken if you are attempting to decide what to serve with fried chicken!

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish that pairs with almost any dish, including fried chicken! They are tender and buttery, making them an excellent comfort meal.

Mashed potatoes are ideal for fried chicken because their creamy texture contrasts with the crispy chicken for the ultimate flavour combination. Whether you make traditional mashed potatoes or prepare them in a pressure cooker they are always a welcome side dish.


Coleslaw is an easy and refreshing accompaniment to poultry. The crisp cabbage and carrots combine with a vinaigrette that is just a little bit sweet and tangy.

You can change up coleslaw too and create a cider vinegar dressing or a more traditional mayonnaise dressing. My preferred way to enhance the flavour of coleslaw is by adding blue cheese.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is the ultimate summer side dish and you can make it in many various ways! Cook it on the grill, make it in an Instant Pot, and place it in the air fryer or microwave while it is still in the husks.

Obviously, the finest corn is freshly picked and purchased from a local farm stand. I enjoy spreading it with garlic butter and seasoning it with salt.

Green Beans

Green beans are another extremely easy side dish for fried chicken. You can have them air-fried or steamed and ready to consume in just five minutes.

Or you can saute them with bacon and garlic for a simple Southern green bean recipe. In either case, green beans are delicious and complement poultry well.

Squash Casserole

Summer squash and zucchini are always excessively abundant in the summer months! And even if it isn’t summer they are affordable and delectable.

A squash casserole pairs nicely with fried poultry. For a vegetable dish that even children appreciate, squash or zucchini is sliced and baked with cheese.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Slice up some green tomatoes and coat them in cornmeal for an incredible Southern side dish. Fried green tomatoes are a delightful combination of juicy and crispy.

And fried green tomatoes go perfectly with fried poultry. After all, if you are frying chicken it is simple to fry up a few veggies too.


Cornbread is one of the finest breads to serve with fried chicken. It is crumbly and a little bit sweet which combines well with crispy chicken.

You can make honey cornbread, add jalapenos to make it spicy or use buttermilk to create cornbread that is moist and tender. My preferred combination is honey and jalapenos, which makes the cornbread both sweet and spicy.

Baked Potatoes

For me baked potatoes are the quintessential easy side dish. Simply wash them and place them in the oven or air fryer to prepare them.

This minimal effort gives you potatoes that are golden outside and fluffy and tender on the inside. You can add toppings if you want to create a fancy-loaded baked potato, but simply adding butter makes them delectable.

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